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"Thanks for getting us out of a jam. They (the health department) only gave us three days to replace six gaskets. Your man did it within 24 hours after we called him."

Jim Grayson
General Manager
Holiday Inn

why Gasket Guy<sup>®</sup>

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you would like to have answered give us a call anytime, or send an email with questions you have about Gasket Guy® and our services to

Do you charge for Estimates?

No we do not. We will come out and provide you or your representative a thorough evaluation of your refrigeration gaskets. You are under no obligation for this Estimate.

Do you charge for mileage and or service calls?

Our service includes all costs associated with installing the gaskets. We do not have charge mileage and service calls as separate items saving you, the customer even more money.

How long does it take you to come out for an Estimate?

Under normal conditions, we can be at your location within 24 hours after receiving your call.

I have an old, unknown commercial refrigerator. Can you supply me with a gasket?

We specialize in custom made gaskets. Our company has the ability to custom fit most gaskets and we will work with you for the best solution.

Do you warranty your refrigeration gaskets?

Yes we do. Under normal situations we guarantee our gaskets and workmanship for a period of 60 days. Unfortunately we cannot provide this warrantee for gaskets not installed or manufactured by us.

Can you work on our compressors, etc?

To provide you the best possible gasket service to you, we’ve elected not to provide this service. We want to be the fastest and the best in gasket replacement.

How do you schedule your installations?

We schedule our installation at your convenience. We make every attempt to service installs with minimal work interruption. Our mantra is that we are here to service your needs; our business is here because of you, the customer. 

Can you replace our hardware, if needed?

We can and do replace your hardware as needed, just ask us.

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